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Software Testing

🌏👉 Test case generator (pairwise)

📖👉 Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet

📖👉 1-page usability test plan

📀👉 faker-cli: generate massive amounts of fake data

📀👉 Radamsa: Radamsa is a test case generator for robustness testing, a.k.a. a fuzzer

📀👉 Ruby Pairwise: Ruby based tool for selecting a smaller number of test input combinations

🌏👉 Name: all about name

🌏👉 Big List of Naughty Strings: list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues

🌏👉 Awesome Unicode: Unicode list

🌏👉 SecLists: a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments

🌏👉 Large images: a list of very large images above 50 Megapixel

🌏👉 MailSlurp: send and receive emails from randomly generated addresses via REST.

🌏👉 Mockaroo: realistic data generator

Mobile Testing

🌏👉 Test coverage optimizer: discover the optimal mix for maximizing your test coverage with the fewest devices possible

📦👉 GlassWire: monitor app data usage

📦👉 TesterKey: generate complex and randomised input values

📀👉 Selendroid: test automation framework which drives of the UI of Android native and hybrid applications apps

Web Testing

📖👉 UTF-8 plain text test file

📖👉 Headless Browser list: a list of (almost) all headless web browsers in existence

🌏👉 Performance Budget Calculator: calculate a performance budget for your site

🌏👉 TicketMagpie OWASP Top10 demo

🌏👉 i18n Validator

📀👉 Galen Framework: testing layout and responsive design of web applications

📀👉 Serenity/JS: a node.js library designed to make acceptance and regression testing of modern web applications faster

📀👉 capybara: acceptance test framework for web applications

🌏👉 Twitter Card Validator

🌏👉 Facebook Debugger

🌏👉 JSON Test: JSON Testing Service

🌏👉 API tester: test API

🌏👉 Webpagetest: test a website’s performance

Dev Tools

🌏👉 PutsReq: record HTTP requests and fake responses

📖👉 JS framework benchmark

📖👉 The Ultimate DevOps Tools Ecosystem

🌏👉 regex101

🌏👉 iHateRegex: regex Cheat Sheet

🌏👉 rubular

📦👉 Postman

📀👉 Truffle Dog: searches through git repositories for high entropy strings, digging deep into commit history and branches

📀👉 HTTPie: a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans

📀👉 Slate: API doc generator

📀👉 git-also: for a file in your git repository, prints other files that are most often committed together

📀👉 mitmproxy

📀👉 Tesseract.js

💻👉 asciinema: record and share terminal sessions

🌏👉 Online Text Obfuscator

🌏👉 Web Code Tools: code generator

🌏👉 JSON generator: JSON generator

🌏👉 For a Good Strftime: easy date time formatting

🌏👉 Pingy: the simple frontend build tool

🌏👉 Boilerform: Generic input fields with variations for size, placeholders and validation states.

🌏👉 jq play: a playground for jq

🌏👉 Request Map Generator: identify 3rd-parties on your site

🌏👉 What Does My Siet Cost?: find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world.

🌏👉 TIO: Try It Online. TIO is a family of online interpreters for an evergrowing list of practical and recreational programming languages.

🌏👉 Hackvertor: A tag-based conversion tool that supports various escapes and encodings including HTML5 entities, hex, octal, unicode, url encoding etc.

🌏👉 Check HTTP: Check website availability and performance with responses from many servers in various countries.

🌏👉 Cron Prompt: Convert English text into cron expressions.

Method & Mode

👉 Cynefin Framework for user story splitting

👉 Product Strategy Canvas

👉 The ultimate cheat sheet for critical thinking

👉 Kano model

👉 The Cognitive Bias Codex

🌏👉 Shodan: search engine for Internet-connected devices

🌏👉 Twitter Analytics

🌏👉 Pexels: best free stock photos in one place

🌏👉 StartupVideos: showcasing The Best Startup Videos

🌏👉 Landingfolio: landing page design inspiration

🌏👉 videovo: free stock video footage

🌏👉 Mankier: collection of online man pages

🌏👉 BBC Sound Effects: 16,000 BBC sound effects are made available by the BBC

🌏👉 Keyword Tool: search for the keywords

🌏👉 Project Gutenberg: free books

🌏👉 Wayback: Internet archive

🌏👉 Buy to rent: Should you buy a house and rent it out?

🌏👉 Outline: read & annotate website

🌏👉 Yarn: Search by word or pharse for TV, movies, and music clips

🌏👉 Onion Links: Awesome Onion Links

🌏👉 A Good Movie to Watch: TV and movies recommendation

🌏👉 Forvo: Words pronunciations

🌏👉 memegine: The internet meme search engine

🌏👉 FindThatMeme: Search millions of memes from across the web in seconds. You can search by text in the meme, or by providing a meme you want to find similar memes to

🌏👉 PinataHub: PinataHub allows you to explore a fraction of the 4M+ passwords and secrets committed in public GitHub repositories

🌏👉 Greynoise: Malicious IP lookup

🌏👉 Tip of My Tongue: Find that word that you’ve been thinking about all day but just can’t seem to remember

🌏👉 ArtHub.ai: Explore AI generated designs, images, art and prompts by top community artists and designers

🌏👉 Netlas.io: Internet intelligence apps that provide accurate technical information on IP addresses, domain names, websites, web applications, IoT devices, and other online assets.


📀👉 Ruby Twitter CLI

📀👉 Google Webfont Helper

🌏👉 VIM color themes

📀👉 sharingbuttons.io: generate social sharing buttons

📀👉 XTerm Color Count

📀👉 emoji cheat sheet

🌏👉 Excel to Jira table: copy and paste a table from Excel, click the button, and in return you will get the table formatted for JIRA

🌏👉 Colormind: Colormind is a deep learning AI that knows color theory. It can generate color palettes from scratch, or it can take your input and intelligently fill in the blanks.

🌏👉 Color palette: get colors from photos

🌏👉 Smartmockups: create product screenshots with mocks

🌏👉 Landscape: streamlined image resizing for social media

🌏👉 Coolors: fast color schemes generator

🌏👉 Colour Lovers: share color ideas & inspiration

🌏👉 Color Hunt: free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes

🌏👉 archetype: create consistent typography styling and spacing live

🌏👉 The Idea Generator: boost the quantity and quality of innovated idea.

🌏👉 Uni-pretty: turn boring plain text into pretty unicode characters.

🌏👉 GradPad: generate gradient CSS

🌏👉 dtstyle: a darktable styles repository

🌏👉 Dryicons: icons

🌏👉 Fugue: free music for videos

🌏👉 Moose: stock photos

🌏👉 Photepea: online photoshop

🌏👉 Emoji Builder: build emoji

🌏👉 FontDrop!: analyze what’s inside a font file

🌏👉 CSS Reference: free visual guide to CSS

🌏👉 Picsum: the Lorem Ipsum for photos.

🌏👉 unDraw: open-source illustrations

🌏👉 Delesign: illustrations

🌏👉 Mage: stable diffusion

🌏👉 WatermarkRemover.io: get rid of the watermarks from your images using our powerful AI technology


🌏👉 SecurityHeaders.io: a quick and easy way to check http headers

🌏👉 Online Requirements Checker: Python requirements checker

🌏👉 Beeceptor: Rest API mocking and intercepting

🌏👉 CloudSecDocs: a website collecting technical notes, how-tos, and cheatsheets related to cloud-native technologies

🌏👉 asecurecloud: choose from a free library of 600+ customizable AWS security configurations and best practices available in CloudFormation, Terraform and AWS CLI

🌏👉 FullHunt: attack surface intelligence